Amazing services, with top equipment and with a huge ambition to enhance without limits the profitability of your business. This is how hotels which are already part of our family work.

We help them to be in the right place at the right time, and together we provide the best conditions to take place.

We have everything ready to offer your services to tour operators, travel agencies and travellers from all over the world. This way your services are available right when they need it.

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Those who know us say…

A Perla Tours é um parceiro de excelência dos Hotéis Amzónia desde há vários anos, e desde há vários anos que gostamos imenso de trabalhar com eles. Esperamos que esta próspera parceria continue por muito mais tempo

Perla Tours, they are one of our best partners, as they bring us markets that we don’t have before, also they are very professionals.
Efficiency with the payments and a team that is easy to work and very flexible.

We work with Perla Tours as they are a very trustfully company, with them we are growning every year.
They are professional and responsibles with a great team, who help us every time we need.

At Guitart Hotels, we like to work with Perla Tours, as they bring us an interesting quantity of clients.
Is a very dynamic and professional agency that bring us a completly trust.
Also they have a big potential of business

Trabajamos con Perlatours desde hace años. Nos gusta su flexibilidad, trato personalizado, cercanía, con toma de decisiones rápidas y dinámicas.
Es un equipo profesional con alto conocimiento de los destinos y los clientes.Tecnológicamente hablando están a la altura de los más grandes del sector.